Terms & Conditions: Member, Payment & Renewal

By joining as a NOIR member and agreeing to this document, you accept these terms and conditions. You should read them carefully and retain a copy for your reference.

Our current individual membership subscription amounts and a complete list of benefits relevant to each membership category can be found on our pages outlining our membership options.

Please note that in addition to these terms and conditions, your use of noble33.com is also governed by our:

Signing Up to be a Member

a) Individual Members are recognized as members in a personal capacity and not as representatives of any organization. Accordingly, NOIR will not discuss an individual’s membership with any third-party organization. Payment of the subscription is the responsibility of the named individual.

b) To become a member, applicants must complete all mandatory fields on an up-to-date application form and contribute their annual membership subscription amount at the time of application.

Renewing membership and contributing subscription amounts

a) Individual membership is valid for one year and automatically renews annually on the anniversary of the first membership period’s start
date. Notice of Renewal will be sent to the email address on file sixty (60) days prior to expiration of the term. A notice of non-renewal may be sent as a reply to the Notice of Renewal email, otherwise, the membership will be automatically renewed.

b) Memberships are annual commitments that may be paid via the annual or monthly fee. For all memberships paid annually, membership benefits will be terminated on the anniversary of the previous year’s enrollment date if not renewed. For all memberships paid monthly, membership benefits will be suspended if monthly membership dues are more than thirty (30) days in arrears. Notwithstanding the forgoing, the outstanding balance shall then become fully due.

Membership terminations and refunds

a) Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, for example in the case of critical illness or death or, if an error has been made, either at the point of payment by NOIR or, in the case of Direct Debit payments, by your bank. In such circumstances, individual members or where appropriate their family or representative, should contact the bank at the earliest opportunity.

b) In no circumstances will a refund be issued to an organization which has purchased Individual Membership on behalf of an employee. Individual Memberships are issued in a personal capacity and are non-transferable.

c) Any member who receives a refund in error, of an amount they are not entitled to, must repay to NOIR when requested.

Member behavior and visiting NOIR Noble 33 venues

a) NOIR members are expected to uphold a high standard of behavior at all times and not to take any action or undertake any activity that might bring any Noble 33 venue into disrepute. They are expected to treat other members, guests and staff with courtesy and respect. Aggressive, discriminating, disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. In these cases, NOIR reserves the right to terminate membership with immediate effect.

b) NOIR members will be issued a membership card that will allow our teams to distinguish member benefits. For security reasons, members may occasionally be asked for photo identification when using their membership card.

c) Individual Membership is non-transferable, and a member’s benefits/membership card should never be shared with another individual. NOIR reserves the right to terminate the membership of any person found to be transferring their membership to another individual. There is no right to appeal in this case.

d) As part of the membership benefits, NOIR members have the ability to leverage their relationship with Noble 33 to book priority reservations for friends and family subject to availability. Please note that booking a reservation via your NOIR membership benefit does not entitle said party to the “check credits” unless the NOIR member is dining with them.

NOIR does not permit members under 21; NOIR’s program is governed by the laws of Florida.

f) NOIR reserves the right to make and amend rules and regulations as well as membership benefits at any time and in the best interest of NOIR and the Noble 33 venues.