Attention To Detail

From locally-sourced, hand-selected ingredients to carefully-designed decor and playlists, every detail contributes to the dining experience



Gather around tables of culturally-inspired menus drawn from rich culinary traditions infused with modern accents.


Immerse yourself into warm, inviting experiences that revolve around the timeless tradition of celebrating a meal.


Unwind with one-of-a-kind cocktails (including zero-proof options) crafted to inspire the senses. Experience adventurous mixology that uses fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the finest spirits to craft dynamic cocktails.


Soak in the elegant yet vibrant energy and meticulously, curated open spaces and exquisite decor - set to bespoke sonic journeys that create the soundtrack for remarkable dining encounters.


Our team has decades of passionate and proven success in hospitality, dining, and experiential luxury.

Tosh Berman

Co-Founder & Chairman

Mikey Tanha

Co-Founder & CEO

Mahdiar Karamooz

Chief Financial Officer

Dean Tsakanikas

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Syken

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Aj McCloud

Corporate Executive Chef

Emma Caballero

Senior Director of Marketing

Dominique Scalise

Senior Director of Membership & Events

Brandon Butner

Senior Director of Operations

Sacha Tanha

Director of Hospitality

Carla Lorenzo

Director of Beverage

Karina Velez

Director of Social Media

Gino Marconi

East Coast Director of Training

Melissa Farjado

Director of Training

Jason Tardivel

Director of Events

Jacob Hobbs

Director of Operations Casa Madera

Nick Foegal

Toca Madera Brand Chef

Jillian O'Connor

Restaurant Design & Development

Gladiz Knudson

Director of Human Resources

Vanessa Lara

Human Resources Manager

Lauren Tiomico

HR Coordinator

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